FireSpirit will be recognized as a community-focused organization that delivers effective capacity building programs for northern and Aboriginal communities. We will help all northern and Aboriginal people find real and fulfilling employment opportunities. We will deliver real and sustainable economic development and ultimately contribute to the creation of wealth in the communities we serve.


FireSpirit delivers employment services and capacity building to northern communities and businesses. FireSpirit is designed to be an integrated employment, training and capacity building service provider to the North, operating to fulfill provincial governments’ mandates in the areas of human resources and economic development. We will build human capital capacity in Aboriginal and northern communities, sustained by an effective network of employment opportunities, in partnership with government departments, education and training institutions, community-based organizations and private employers

We work to inspire and motivate every Aboriginal job seeker to move forward by aspiring to new and greater goals. This will be achieved by connecting with people to their community, understanding their needs and providing strong role models, as well as by influencing employers, trainers and those who can deliver sustainable results.